If Illahee Has a Blog, Is Blogging Dead?

Illahee must be the last organization on the planet to launch a blog. If our track record is any indication – an IBM Selectric typewriter purchased in 1981, a cell-phone that was “just a cell phone” purchased in 2006, oil futures this past spring – the utility of the blog must coming to an end. For that matter, is the topic of Illahee’s 2009 Lectures – Desire – relevant in a post consumer economy? (We’ll make a case for “yes” later this week.)

Even so, maybe the occassional reader will find this site useful for updates and notes on Illahee events, and related happenings in Portland and beyond.

And of course we have events coming up this Friday and Saturday, the kick-off to our Nature of Desire Lecture Series. Check it out.

But check out other things around town as well. Here’s one that dovetails nicely with our theme, and even shares a few people up on stage: OHSU’s Brain Awareness Series on The Power and Potential of the Brain. It starts tonight, Monday 26 January, at the Newmark Theater at 7 pm, and runs for the next four Mondays. What’s the link between the brain and desire? Do we really have to tell you? Go see for yourself, and then come to our first event later this week with the Philosophy Talk guys and their guest William Irvine, author of On Desire: Why We Want What We Want.


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