Dr. Andrew Weil – What can you do about health care?

Most of us agree that we need to lower our health care costs.  And many of us agree that we need to provide basic medical care to all U.S. residents regardless of economic status.  No, this does not mean elective cosmetic surgery for homeless people.  But it does mean regular check ups, preventative care, and medical maintenance.

The problem is, we keep getting bogged down in the big government versus (big) private enterprise argument.  Conservatives emphasize individual responsibility, whereas progressives stress compassion for the less fortunate.

But we’re missing something here.  What about our individual responsibility to keep our own health care costs down – not as a selfish act – but as a contribution to the greater good? To paraphrase John F. Kennedy, ask not what your health care system can do for you, but what you can do for your health care system.

How do we go about being good health care citizens? We might start by skipping that second pint of Hagen Daaz, by riding a bike and wearing a helmet (or, absent the helmet, becoming an organ donor), and by assuring our doctor that we don’t need every test ever conceived by western medicine when we’re being checked for restless leg syndrome.

Dr. Andrew Wiel, author of numerous books and founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, can provide a more systematic answer. Dr. Weil comes to Portland on Thursday October 15, as the first speaker in the Institute for Science Engineering and Public Policy’s Linus Pauling Memorial Lectures.

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