Big Drama, Little News

Weekend festivities in Copenhagen

Over halfway though the COP15 Climate Conference, and depending on your news source, developing counties have halted the talks, protesters have over-run Copenhagen, and all is lost; or the talks are at their typical halfway posturing phase, developing nations are making the expected power play, and developed countries are crafting the expected response.  For climate change wonks, this is March Maddness four months early, with all the required “guide to:” media sites, blogs and grave pronouncements.

As hundreds of organizations, and individuals, congratulate themselves for their fifteen seconds of fame – look we made it into the Guardian! – Cop15 slogs on to its fore-ordained conclusion. We’ll stick with our prediction from last week and 7,000 miles away: progress. Not as much as climate activists may want, but progress (or you’re a climate skeptic: a serious setback).  The rest is all noise.

Now comes the interesting question.  If you’re a climate activist, or a developing country, what is your power to effect change and how do you use it?  And if you’re a skeptic, how do you use whatever power you have to block change?


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