Thanks for your support; what to expect in 2011

As 2010 draws down to its final hours, we wanted to thank all of you who have engaged with Illahee over the past year. We’ve talked with many of you about where we go next.

Much of your collective input is summed a couple of posts previous to this one (scroll down a bit). Among the things people wanted to see in 2011: more solution-oriented themes and speakers, more ideas into action, more community partnerships, and more point-counter point.

In response, our theme next year is Searching for Solutions: Innovation for Public Good. Bottom line, we’ll try, with your help, to see if we can innovate our way out of the environmental / economic box canyon we’ve galloped into. But the lectures are just a starting place. While the presenters we’ll bring to Portland have a lot of bright ideas, we’re going to ask you to pitch in with your ideas, insights and projects as we look for solutions together.

So expect to hear more from us next year – and not just announcements, and requests for support. We’re looking for answers, and from our conversations with Illahee supporters, we have a pretty good idea where those answers are: you.

Thanks again and best wishes as we strive to figure it out together.


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