Everyone’s Innovating. (Really?)

We’ve noticed that a lot of organizations claim to be innovators. Switch on the television, if you dare, and wait for a car commercial to roll around.  This shouldn’t take long. Odds are, whatever the car, it will be “innovative.”  Really? An internal combustion automobile is innovative? Over the next few days, we’ll be on the lookout for innovation claims.  Try it yourself and and get back to us either by email, or in the comment section of this post. Let’s tally up all these innovative organizations, processes and products. Here are a few:

Oregonian 19 Jan: We need EPA to lay off biomass emissions rules for the sake of energy innovation.

Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Keynotes: Verizon, Audi, Samsung (big reveal: more connectivity).

Audi Innovation: Sorry, this just looks like luxury elaboration, more bells and whistles.


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