We Should Pretend We’re Hawaii

No, not IN Hawaii. Just Hawaii. And not because it’s February and it’s freezing across much of North America. Rather because Hawaii’s energy plan calls for seventy percent renewable energy by 2030 – as versus Oregon’s twenty five percent by 2025.  That’s a bit misleading because we already get 55% of our non-transportation power from a renewable source (hydro).

What it really amounts to is that Hawaii will add enough renewable energy by 2030 to supply 70% of its power use. Oregon will add enough renewable energy to account for 25% of non-hydro power use. Pretty respectable, but nowhere near what the Aloha state is aiming for.

Why has Hawaii set such aggressive goals? Because they have to. Every drop of fossil fuel has to be imported via tanker, so they feel especially vulnerable when oil hits a benchmark like, say, $100 (as it did this week).

The reality is that Oregon, like most other states, imports their fossil fuels too.  It just doesn’t feel that way without the long queue of supertankers lined up in your harbor to off-load crude. So let’s pretend we’re an island, because in many ways, we are.


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