End of the World Postponed

As many of you know, we’ll have to wait until October 21 for the end of the world, as predicted by Harold Camping of Family Radio. Camping is a three-time loser, having predicted the rapture for 1988 and 1994 as well.

Why are we, and much of the media, being so tough on him?

It’s not merely because he’s delusional. A lot of people wander our streets in some kind of delusion, and we don’t pick on them. Rather, we give them our sympathy, or we should anyway. No, we’ve been tough on Camping and his rapture for two reasons, quite apart from his prediction being absurd.

First, he has duped a significant number of people into believing this fantasy, disrupting their lives to make arrangements to leave the rest of us behind in a fiery hell.

Which leads us to the second reason for our scorn: this misanthrope has decided that most of us deserve a fiery hell! Sorry, but we can’t see much difference between this guy’s attitude toward humanity and Osama bin Laden’s, except that the latter was more selective in targeting “bad people.” Both believe the world is full of infidels who deserve no mercy. Worse, we sinners deserve to suffer. Worse yet, in the case of the rapture, we deserve to suffer for eternity.

So yeah, we’re being tough on Camping and his followers. But not as tough as they’re being on the rest of the world. Most of us don’t believe they should suffer more than a few laughs at their own expense.


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