New Judgment Day – Richard Heinberg’s End of Growth

When the “invisible” Judgement Day slipped by on May 21st we laughed, but if his new predictions are correct, old Harold Camping will be laughing last from above. Today, October 21st, is it (for real this time), the Rapture. Judgement will be passed and it’s not going to be pretty. Our speaker tonight, Richard Heinberg, agrees (sort of).

As Heinberg notes in his new book, The End of Growth, we live in a finite world of resources, yet we’ve created a society that requires continual growth or else risk total collapse. I know, I know, last season we called for innovation to solve some of our most wicked problems, but Heinberg argues that humans have a fixed ability to invent truly new activities; we can’t innovate our way out of this one, the End of Growth (or End of Days if you prefer) is coming. It may not end in a giant earthquake followed by the universe melting in fervent heat, but as long as industrialized societies refuse voluntarily self-restrain, individuals and local organizations will have to hunker down and prepare for the transition.

Yesterday, when asked to give advice to those who are not sure how to prepare for the End of Growth, Heinberg suggested that we get to know our neighbors, because we’re all going to suffer together. So, why not come out and reconnect with your Illahee neighbors (at the last Illahee event you may ever attend) and maybe meet some new faces? You will need them when the earth declares its final judgement.

Richard Heinberg: The End of Growth

Tonight, 21 October 2011

PNCA Commons | 1241 NW Johnson| 7pm

For tickets and information: click here.


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