Meet George Mobus

Illahee is partnering with PNCA’s Collaborative Design program again this fall to bring you another set of great speakers. Tomorrow night (Sept. 13th), George Mobus will speak on the intersection of science, art, and environmentalism. The event is free to the public (details below) and Illahee is hosting a special reception for our 2013 Illahee Lectures pass holders — sign up today!

George Mobus: What Images are Appropriate for the Collapse of Civilization?

Our global civilization is absolutely dependent on high powered fossil fuels and a stable climate. The evidence is becoming overwhelming that fossil fuels are reaching a peak of production because of a variety of factors. Collectively the evidence for a major economic collapse of modern civilization and a presumed collapse of our unsustainable population is difficult to deny.

What response to this collapse humanity will have may depend on the kind of cognitive preparation that they have for it. If the thesis of collapse is correct then what role might art play in depicting the nature of energy decline and civilization decay that might serve a social purpose? What images might simultaneously change the consciousness of average humans and prepare them for a very different world?

More on George Mobus:

Author of the popular blog QuestionEverything, George Mobus pursues several related lines in energy and economics from a systems approach. These include a highly multi-disciplinary collaboration with many scientists around the world who are practicing a more rigorous biophysical approach to economics, specifically modeling the energy dynamics of macroeconomics. Dr. Mobus is currently designing a new Master of Science in Energy Systems Engineering (MSESE) program at University of Washington’s Institute of Technology.

Mobus has been working with environmental scientists and economists at State University of New York – ESF on the emerging field of Biophysical Economics. His presentation “A Primer on Net Energy and Economics” can be found here: 3rd Biophysical Economics Conference.

Event information:

PNCA Swigert Commons |1241 NW Johnson St, Portland |  7pm

Free to the public (special reception for Illahee 2013 pass holders from 6pm-7pm)


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