Be Aware – Take Action – Take Back Control

600x150px HeaderThe 2013 Illahee Lecture Series is quickly approaching and the topic is more timely than ever — Who Owns You? And What You Can Do About It?

In the wake of an election season that cost an estimated $6 billion, with only 40% of outside spending coming from disclosed donors, many are in the dark about who exactly influences, controls, and owns key aspects of our lives. This election proved that a few influential organizations and individuals wield a large amount of power over important parts of our lives.

Portlanders need to be aware, have actionable steps, and take back control of our food, our environment, our media, our economy, and our government.

Illahee folks tend to be an enlightened crowd, most of us have a pretty good idea how to start. However, reaching out to 300-400 lecture series subscribers each year is not enough. We need to engage thousands in order to really take action. This year we are working with our presenters to make sure we gather strategies and approaches for everyday citizens to dilute the concentration of power that we never voluntarily ceded.

So how can you help? First, bring a friend (or two or three) to our next lecture, introduce the series to your neighbors, or chat about these important issues with the guy or gal next to you on the bus. Second, keep Illahee in mind when you’re considering your year-end donations. The Illahee Lectures is made possible and strengthened by our attendees.

This week, we will begin a month of highlighting our thought-provoking set of speakers this upcoming season. Stay tuned for more!


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