New Years Resolution: Shed the Dead Weight

2012 was supposed to be a big year for food. Congress was set to renew the 2008 Farm Bill, hopes were high that we’d continue to make progress on organics, more meaningful subsidies, and overall healthier decisions about what and how we eat. Then the fiscal cliff happened and in the name of keeping milk prices under $7 a gallon, which would be devastating for many Americans, Congress “threw organics under the bus.”

What was touted as an extension of the existing bill also degraded the conservation, environmental, energy and organics programs assailed by Big Ag. The change will impact existing farmers as well as discourage those seeing more safer practices and certification.

In a brief chat with Raj Patel, the opening speaker of our 2013 Illahee Lecture Series, we asked him what we can do about the fact that our food and agriculture are being co-opted. In short, he said we need to get rid of our dead weight — we need to shed the ideas and entities that are doing our thinking for us.

So, stop by the First Congregational Church Wednesday night at 7pm. Guaranteed to be a good crowd and an enlightening talk.

For Patel’s full bio and ticket information, please visit Illahee’s website.


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